Name Major Responsibilities Contact
  Prof. Matthew Ting-Chi LIU Director
  Izzie Si Wai MUI Senior Project Executive (Director’s Secretary)

Team Members

  Name Major Responsibilities Contact
  Amelia Sin I TAM Senior Project Manager (Functional Head for Centre Administration)
  Helena Yan TAN Senior Project Manager (Functional Head, supporting Public Administration Training Centre) 
  Winnie Kai Nei HON Senior Project Manager
  Emily Hoi Leng HO Project Manager
  Wendy Man Wai FONG Senior Project Executive
  Dodo Hou Chi TOU Senior Project Executive
  April Hio Ian CHEANG Senior Project Executive (supporting Public Administration Training Centre)
  Samantha Sao Meng LAM Senior Project Executive
  Alina Hoi Hoi FONG Research Assistant
  Dr. Shu Ming TAM Senior Instructor

2020, 2021, 2022 CCE Best Teaching Award Winners

  Name Faculty Expertise
  Yibai YANG FSS Economic Growth / Innovation / Intellectual Property Rights / Monetary and Fiscal Policies
  Angela Wen-Yu CHANG FSS Public Health / Cross-cultural consumer studies / Advertising Strategy / Media Use / Communication Effects /Media Study / Computational Communication
  Jianhua XU FSS Policing / Macau Studies / Social Control in China / Sociology of Crime and Deviance
  Tianji CAI FSS Data Mining / Health Behavior / Gene and Environment Interplay
  Garry WONG FHS Parkinson’s disease / Aging / Environmental stress
  Yong Hua ZHAO FHS/ICMS Pharmacological research of Chinese medicines on cardio/cerebral vascular disease / Early diagnosis for neurocognitive disorder / Clinical trial of cardio/cerebral vascular disease and metabolic syndrome
  Ryan Leong Hou U FST Large-Scale Data Processing / Spatial and Spatio-Temporal Query Processing and Optimization / Graph Learning / Reinforcement Learning / Large-Scale Data Visualization
  Jiantao ZHOU FST Multimedia Forensics and Security / Multimedia Signal Processing / Artificial Intelligence and Big Data
  Miguel GOMES DA COSTA Junior FST Information Systems / IT applications / IT in Education
  Matthew Chi Man VONG FST Computer Vision / Autonomous Mobile Robotics
  Kam Weng TAM FST Wireless Identification and Sensing / Wireless Circuits and Antennas / AI FinTech / Smart Tourism / STEM Education
  Ping SHEN FST/SKL-IOTSC Rain-induced multi-hazard simulation / Coastal urban hazard analysis / Smart disaster monitoring / Risk assessment and management
  Tianwei HAO FST Water & wastewater treatment / Environmental biotechnology & bioprocess / Energy and resource recovery from the waste stream
  Shu Ming TAM FST/CCE Application of Artificial Intelligence (AI) in design and solving engineering related problems
  Li DU, Stephen FLL International law / Health law / Food law / Biotechnology law and policy / Privacy and data protection
  Barry Lee REYNOLDS FED L1/L2 Vocabulary Acquisition / L2 Reading and Writing Instruction / Written Corrective Feedback for L2 Writing Development / Computer-Assisted Language Learning / Digital Game-Based Learning / Informal, Incidental, and Extramural Language Learning / Eye Tracking
  Sou Kuan VONG FED Sociology of Education (Discourse analysis, Policy analysis) / Curriculum Studies (Moral and Civic/Citizenship Education) / Teacher Education and Professional Development / Qualitative Research (Teachers’ life history and stories) / Research Methodology Issues
  Kan Kan CHAN FED Learning Analytics / Educational technology / Learning Geometry with Dynamic Geometry Software / Portfolio Assessment

About Us

Centre for Continuing Education (CCE), one of the independent academic units at UM based on “Charter of the University of Macau”, provides continuous and lifelong education for individuals, institutions, enterprises, and working professionals. CCE offers high-quality, customised professional courses and awards non-degree professional diplomas and certificates. CCE is dedicated to enhancing the knowledge and skills of institutional and individual participants and aims to facilitate their personal growth and career advancement in a rapidly changing society. CCE also strives to deepen exchange and academic collaboration between UM and universities in the mainland.

CCE provides the following training services:

  • In-house training courses customised for institutions
  • High-quality professional courses jointly administered with institutions
  • Diploma and professional certificate courses recognised by international associations or institutions
  • Cross-border exchange programmes for government, corporates, colleges, and universities (including teachers and students)
  • Continuing Professional Development (Desenvolvimento Profissional Contínuo, CPD) courses verified by the Council of Health Professionals (Conselho dos Profissionais de Saúde, CPS)
  • Other professional training programmes in line with UM development

For inquiries, please do not hesitate to contact us at

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2020 Recognition from Newsletter of China Association of Higher Education (continuing education session)  

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