CCE and FHS jointly organized and launched a course for “Continuing Professional Development (CPD) Training Activity” in May to improve the knowledge of health professionals, promote the medical development and the health of citizens. The joint course is “Precision Oncology II” with a total of 16 hours. The students are the health professionals, including doctors and traditional Chinese medicine doctors.  In addition to the general information about the precision oncology, the students gain current research methods, clinical applications and examples.

The course was taught by several famous professors from FHS, including Dean and Chair Professor Chuxia DENG, Associate Dean and Distinguished Professor Ren-He XU, Associate Professor Qi ZHAO, Assistant Professor Kai MIAO and Research Assistant Professor Heng SUN. The course has been successfully completed with great recognition and feedback from students. The students, whose attendance rate reaches 80% of the whole course, will be awarded a testimonial jointly issued by CCE and FHS.

CCE takes social responsibility to fulfill the needs of government departments and the Macao society, so as to be committed to providing continuous education courses for health professionals and improving their career development, as well as making positive contributions to the talent training of the Macao SAR. The Law No. 18/2020 《Regime da qualificação e inscrição para o exercício de actividade dos profissionais de saúde》came into force on October 1, 2021.  In accordance with Article 28 of the Law, the renewal of full and limited licenses are subject to the compliance with the participation of the CPD activity.