The University of Macau (UM) Centre for Continuing Education (CCE) held an 2 days intensive online training course “Distance Learning (UMLive) Course – Training on Teachers’ Teaching Methods and Innovation on Teaching Model” for teachers of Zhejiang Financial College from Sep 24th to 25th.

In order to comply with the SAR government’s epidemic prevention policy, the entire training process was conducted in the form of online by ZOOM, allowing teachers from Zhejiang Financial College to interact with instructors through the Internet. The course includes 5 topics, they are: “Macao Education Policy and Teacher Professional Development”, “Make Good Use of Online Distance Learning Platform to Launch High-Quality Curriculum Plans”, “Case Teaching and Classroom Management”, and “Teaching Professional Course with English that Student Can Understand” and “Research Management and Research Team Building” taught by UM professors. Many teachers expressed their feelings in final group presentation that they have experienced the high-quality teaching of UM. Many teachers said that the entire online training has benefited a lot and left a deep and beautiful impression. They wish they could have the opportunity to visit UM in person in the future.

Zhejiang Financial College is a public full-time general higher vocational school with the approval of the People’s Government of Zhejiang Province.

During the epidemic, CCE continued to promote high-quality professional training programs online and offline in accordance with government guidelines, and carried out training courses with a flexible education model to promote exchanges and cooperation between mainland universities and UM.