CCE organised a training course on “Teacher’s Teaching Method and Teaching Mode Innovation” for backbone teachers and administrative executives of Foshan University during 30th to 31st August.

The two-day training covered many topics, including Making Good Use of Distance Learning Platform to Develop High-quality Lesson Plan, Case Teaching and Classroom Management, “Creativity” Course Structure Experience and Sharing, and Bilingual Teaching in Design and Practice. We received positive feedback from the participants. During the lectures, the participants interacted with UM professors to share ideas and discuss issues, that they had deep understanding in teacher’s teaching method and teaching mode innovation.  They expressed that the training was excellent and are willing to visit UM in the future.

Foshan University is a full-time public undergraduate university approved by the Ministry of Education. It is a high-level university in Guangdong Province (a key discipline construction university) with master and doctoral degree programme.

CCE continues to carry out high-quality training courses to strengthen educational cooperation between UM and universities in mainland.