CCE launched 7 courses for “Teaching Staff Training Activities” initiated by DSEDJ in August 2022. These courses strengthen the knowledge and skills of Macao teaching staff in the fields of personal and social development, early childhood education, teaching and administration, as well as information technology. They are “Introduction to Counselling – Basic Knowledge and Skills”, “Maker Education”, “Training Strategies and Skills for Selection of Talents in Competition of Information Studies”, “Integration of Chinese and Western Culture in Macao”, “Educational Significance of Chinese Mythology”, “Application of New Technology to Improve Teaching Efficiency” and “Drama-based Pedagogy: Children’s Interest in Picture Books (Advanced level)”. In order to cooperate with the anti-epidemic measures of the Macao SAR and protect the health and safety of participants, these courses are conducted online. CCE keeps launching training courses for DSEDJ in the new academic year to promote the professional development of teaching staff in teaching and non-teaching area.

CCE is committed to meet the needs of government departments and the Macao society by providing professional training courses in different fields to enhance the teaching staff’s career development and make positive contributions to the talent training of the Macao SAR.