The 2nd Intake of “Program on Deepening Cooperation between Guangzhou and Macao, to Help the Development of the Greater Bay Area”, jointly organized by CCE and ZUMRI, was successfully held at UM from October 16 to 20. Sixteen leaders from various departments, including the Guangzhou Municipal Science and Technology Bureau, participated in the event.

At the opening ceremony, Vice Rector Dr. Claudia Xu, introduced UM’s recent developments and achievements in industry-academia-research, as well as the cooperative gains with other cities in the Greater Bay Area. Sun Xiang, Deputy Director of the Guangzhou Science and Technology Bureau, introduced the latest developments in Guangzhou’s high-tech sector. Prof. Guokai Chen, Interim Director of ZUMRI, and Ms. Amelia Tam, Functional Head of CCE, also attended the ceremony.

The event was rich and compact in its itinerary. The participants first arrived Hengqin to visit ZUMRI and the Hengqin Guangdong-Macau Deep Cooperation Zone Exhibition Hall. Then they visited several departments of UM to fully understand the latest scientific and technological achievements of UM. The participants also visited DSEDT and MYEIC to discuss the possibility of Guangzhou-Macau technological innovation cooperation. In addition to exchanges and visits, the event also arranged seven thematic seminars, which were lectured by UM professors and experts. The content included the development of the Greater Bay Area’s scientific innovation, management and transformation of scientific projects, management of scientific research teams, innovation management, enterprise inheritance and innovative entrepreneurial thinking, cultivation of financial talents, and applications and transformations in the big health industry. The Guangzhou Science and Technology Development Research Center introduced the 2023 Sea Trade Fair to the teachers and students of the University of Macau. Through visits and exchange seminars, participants fully understood the current situation of Macao’s economic and technological development, actively explored specific work on industry-academia-research cooperation between Guangzhou and Macau, and jointly explored how to promote the integrated development of technological innovation in the Greater Bay Area.

The participants included Sun Xiang, Lei Ting, Pan Haichao, Peng Yong, Lin Ying, Li Chenxi, Zhuang Bin, Wang Shihua, Shu Yan, Luo Yan, Zeng Huifen, Li Xiang, Lu Zhibiao, Li Ran, Zhao Guangwen, Liu Rujie.