In line with the series of financial aid measures launched by the Macao SAR government during the epidemic, CCE has jointly organized and implemented the “Skills-Oriented Subsidized Training Scheme” with DSAL that provided a temporary support measure in response to the epidemic in September 2020. A total of 34 rounds of enrollment have been launched, with more than 80 classes and more than 4,000 quotas provided. CCE has launched different courses based on market demand, including business management, accounting management, retail promotion and promotion management, hotel and resort management practices, catering management, workplace skills, etc. over three years.

During the implementation of the scheme, CCE has cooperated with the DSAL to optimize the plan, including increasing the number of participants, expanding the applicable targets, relaxing the application requirements, and accelerating the payment of subsidies to qualified students, so as to benefit more people affected by the epidemic. Overall economic and employment environment has improved now, the government has recently announced that enrollment for the entire program will be completed after the fourth quarter of this year. As of December 2023, a total of 17 classes have been successfully launched, and 240 students have successfully received subsidies and graduation certificates. Business management and workplace skills courses are the most popular among all courses.

CCE has been actively cooperating with the needs of government and the society, providing various professional and vocational training to residents for the implementation of Macao’s economic “1+4” goal development.