The University of Macau (UM) Centre for Continuing Education (CCE) organises a training course on Medical Science and Medicine for 69 students of Nanchang University during Jan 30th to Feb 3rd. The students experienced the high-quality English teaching by UM professors and attended on-campus and off-campus visits. We received positive feedback from students.

The five-day training course is rich and compact in content, and the course includes clinical research and prevention of Parkinson’s disease and aging, comparison and difference of clinical medicine between Chinese and Western medicine, stem cell transplantation, immune regulation mechanism and tumor immunotherapy. During the on-campus visit, students visited different units of UM, including ICMS, FHS, UM Gallery, Library and RC. During the off-campus visits, the students visited the Kiang Wu Hospital and new campus of Kiang Wu Nursing College of Macau in Coloane. The students have a good understanding of the medical environment and nursing development in Macau.

Nanchang University (NCU) is a comprehensive university listed among the “the World First-class Disciplines” in the national “Double First-Class” Initiative of China, the only “211 Project” national key university in Jiangxi Province which is co-constructed by the Chinese Ministry of Education and Jiangxi Province, and the overall construction university of Jiangxi Province high-level universities construction project. Since 2020, Nanchang University has steadily sent its students to UM for training every year. The two parties are continuing to promote educational cooperation and talent exchanges between the two places.