From July 25th to 29th, the University of Macau (UM) Centre for Continuing Education (CCE) successfully launched an online summer training course, “Distance Learning (UMLive) Course – Innovative Management and Effective Teaching Methods”, for 50 postgraduate students of Ningxia Normal University.
Due to the epidemic, the training was conducted online by ZOOM, allowing students to interact with the trainers via the Internet. The five-day course consisted of a series of lectures delivered by UM professors. The courses included: “Education Policy Comparison: Macau and Mainland”, “Teaching and Learning Promotion: Thinking about Learning with Technology”, “How Macao can catch up – the key to breakthroughs in the development of STEM innovation and technology education”, “Teaching Method Promotion – Real Success Case Methodology and Classroom Management” and “We are not production robots: Teaching methods and routes to inspire creativity”. The students gained a lot of knowledge areas and practical skills that they had not been exposed to before, which can be added to their own teaching practice in the future.
Ningxia Normal University is the only student teacher training college in Ningxia. The school is under the management of the People’s Government of the Autonomous Region, and is a joint construction unit of the Education Department of the Autonomous Region and the Guyuan Municipal Government. It is one of the pilot work units for postgraduate students in the “Serving National Special Needs Talents Training Project”, and is the first pilot school for free education for student teachers in Ningxia.
During the epidemic, CCE continued to promote quality professional training programs online in accordance with government guidelines, offering a variety of online training programs in a flexible education mode to facilitate exchanges and cooperation between mainland universities and UM.