The University of Macau (UM) Centre for Continuing Education (CCE) successfully completed 4 training courses for 135 students of Guangzhou University from 29th Apr to 3rd May. The courses are: “Training course on Civil Engineering”, “Training course on Psychology and Big Health”, “Training course on English Ability Improvement” and “Interdisciplinary programme – New Media, Technological Innovation, Art and Data Analysis”.

The five-day training courses are rich in content and cover a wide range of topics. The courses are taught by senior professors from UM and industry professionals. In addition to the lectures, the students also went out for visiting. At the closing ceremony, the student representatives said that they benefited a lot from this trip. They felt the friendliness of the local people and would like to come to UM to study again in the future.

Guangzhou University is a comprehensive university named after the third largest city in China – Guangzhou. It is a high-level university developed under the support of both the Guangdong province and Guangzhou city. The university was forged through the merger of five institutions of higher education in 2000 and can trace its history to over 90 years.

Since the beginning of 2021, Guangzhou University has been steadily sending its students to UM for training every year. CCE continues to offer training programmes and promote collaboration between UM and higher education institutions in the Greater Bay Area.