The University of Macau (UM) Centre for Continuing Education (CCE) organises designated training courses on Medicine and Health Sciences for 27 outstanding bachelor, master and doctor students of Guizhou Medical University during Feb 20th to Mar 2nd.  The students experienced the high-quality English teaching by UM professors and attended on-campus and off-campus visits. We received positive feedback from students.

The eight-day training course is rich and compact in content. The course subjects include: Precision medicine and big data – revolution and business opportunities,  Introduction to the basics and frontiers of gene and bioinformatics, Biology combined with applications of informatics and genomics, stem cell transplantation, Biomedical technology – mysteries of life science and health, Regulatory effect of nuclear factor activated leukocytes on signal transduction, Application and development of traditional Chinese medicine in the big health industry, Stem Cell Biology and Regenerative Medicine Informatization and Introduction to Drugs and Pharmaceutical Analysis. During the on-campus visit, students visited different units of UM, including UM Gallery, Library and RC. During the off-campus visits, the students visited the Kiang Wu Hospital. The students have a good understanding of the medical environment and nursing development in Macao.

Guizhou Medical University is the implementation university of the national “Basic Capacity Building Project of Universities in Central and Western China”, and a key institution of higher learning in Guizhou Province. The two parties are continuing to promote educational cooperation and talent exchanges between the two places.