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In response to the needs of the Macao Library and reading promotion education, our Center and the Macao Library and Information Management Association (MLIMA) are continuing to collaborate in launching “Diploma and Individual Courses in Library Professional Skills” and “Foundation Training on Reading Promotion and School Library Management” in 2019.

” Diploma and Individual Courses in Library Professional Skills ” includes 5 modules, they are “Chinese Classification Scheme and Subject Heading”, “Library of Congress Classification Scheme”, “Library Resources Cataloging and MARC21”, “Procurement of Library Resources in Practice” and “Application of Library Automation System on Promoting Reading” with totaling 180 lecture hours and it has been completed in December 2019. The course focuses on practical training, aimed to provide the professional technical knowledge to library practitioners, so that they can use what they learned to engage in library professional work, and enhance the development of professional services in Macau Libraries. Starting launching from 2005, the course has entered its 16th year, with hundreds of students completed courses, and it has become one of the famous courses in Macau.

Starting from 2017, “Foundation Training on Reading Promotion and School Library Management” has also been welcomed by library practitioners and reading promoters. The third training was successfully completed in July 2019. Through practical training, it helps students to improve the skills in promoting reading activities, so that they can better improve the library and reading promotion education work.