CCE has provided an one-year in-house Diploma Programme in Business Management (5th Intake) for the team members of Sands China. The 23 graduates are mainly from the departments of table games, facility management and concierge, etc. This programme is especially designed for Sands China. The course content consists of effective working knowledge of the analytical tools and management concepts used in modern society, as well as grounding in the practical management skills required in contemporary business activities. This 336-hour programme is made up of eight modules, including Principles of Microeconomics, Interactive English, Principles of Business Management, Business Communications, Customer Relationship Management, Human Resources Management, Principles of Financial Accounting and Project and Quality Management. Students who completed all modules can earn two diplomas from CCE of UM (Foundation Diploma in Business Management and Diploma in Business Management).

Sands China is the first major gaming corporation to launching one-year diploma programme with CCE while the first intake was in 2014/2015. Over 180 team members of Sands China graduated from this programme.

In the latest intake (6th intake), 23 participants will start learning in September, 2019.